Mainely Girls

The Source of Information For and About Girls in Maine

Mainely Girls, a state-wide, non-profit organization, was founded in 1996 with a two-part mission: to work with rural communities to assist them in focusing on girls’ needs in a positive, preventative, and proactive manner; and to work on the state level to bring about positive change for girls.

What We Do…

Since 1996, Mainely Girls has administered numberous programs across the state to make good things happen for girls.

Individuals, schools, legislative committes, government agencies and others turn to us for information, to explore ideas, and to promote opportunities for girls. Mainely Girls addresses issues of girls in rural areas by helping communities identify the specific needs of girls and young women in their areas and, in reposnse to those needs, organize programs to improve the environment in which their girls grow to maturity. We address girls’ needs and the needs of those who work with and for girls through publications, conferences, research consulting, support groups and annual activities.

Our current programs include Eating Disorders and A Girl’s Point of View Book Club.

Fundraising for Crimes Unit Van:

Mainely Girls is now in the process of raising $100,000 to purchase new forensic mobile lab for the Computer Crimes Center.

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